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Internationale Messe in Kielce.

Senden Druck Herunterladen Er fügte hinzu: Lidia Szeląg | 2016-01-12 09:21:07
targi, kielce

Internationale Messe in Kielce.

Targi Kielce is ranked second among Central and Eastern Europe's trade fair and expo organisers with regards to the number of exhibitors and with respect to  exhibition space leased.

The Kielce exhibition centre enjoys almost 30% of Poland's trade fair and expo market. Targi Kielce operates 90,000 m2 of exhibition grounds including 36,000 of indoor space in the 7, fully equipped and cutting-edge exhibition halls.  Targi Kielce- annual facts and figures - 217,000 visitors from almost 60 countries, 6,000 exhibitors as well as 175,000 m2 of the exhibition space leased. 

We have expanded and complemented our offer; in 2014 the brand new Congress Centre for 1,000 people was made available for our guests; in autumn the west-side entry terminal and a multi-storey car park for half a thousand vehicles also become operational. 

Owing to these investments, not only has Targi Kielce developed from a B2B exhibition organiser to become a trade fair and conference centre.  With these new facilities we shall be aided in our attempts to bring new guest into Kielce. In less than half a year the new Congress Centre has generated an avid interest.  In addition to conferences and company meetings, the Congress Centre has also been the stage for tourism song festival, Raz Dwa Trzy - Polish band and the vocalist Andrzej Piaseczny in concert live. It also hosted the prestigious Off Fashion Shows or even the qualifying round of the world championship in body-building and fitness. This serves as the proof that the new facility, owing to its bespoke space design capabilities, is multi-functional and able to fulfil event most stringent requirements.

1, Zakładowa Str.
25-672 Kielce,
e-mail: biuro@targikielce.pl
tel. +4841 365 12 22
fax +4841 345 62 61  

Calendar of events 2016:




23. Internationale Ausstellung für Militär- und Verteidigungsindustrie. 1-4.September 2015
pdf | 72.9 KB
APAE Internationale Fachmesse für Automobilindustrie, RTE- Internationale Fachmesse für Gummibereifung, 10-12. September 2015
pdf | 124.96 KB
BIKE-EXPO Internationale Fahrradmesse, 24-26. September 2015
pdf | 68.78 KB
3. Internationale Fachmesse für Innovation und Neue Technologien INNO-TECH EXPO, 15-16. Oktober 2015
pdf | 89.59 KB
Obst- und Gemüsemesse HORT-Technika, 27-28. November 2015
pdf | 8.81 KB

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oferta TBZ dentysta
Polska - Toruń 2021-03-02 Er fügte hinzu: Maciej Lutnik Gesundheit und Medizin Siehe Angebot
Polska - Toruń 2021-03-02 Er fügte hinzu: Maciej Lutnik Gesundheit und Medizin Siehe Angebot

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