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Herbapol-Lublin S.A. - YOURS BY NATURE

Er fügte hinzu: Lidia Szeląg | 2016-06-02 10:53:55 Senden Druck Herunterladen
tea, herbs, syrup, jam, marmelade

For 65 years now we have been providing Polish families with what’s the best from nature.

PPE_PL_Herbapol presentation 27-04-2016 .pdf
Our herbs, aromatic teas and full-flavoured syrups are produced from only the best and most natural ingredients. We do this so that we can constantly keep your trust – today, as much as 84% of the Poles know our brand very well. We pride ourselves on this fact, but we don’t rest on our laurels.

As our sloga „Herbapol – It’s in your nature” states, we believe that a human being is a part of nature, and nature – a part of every human being. That’s why our products allow us to live in harmony with the environment, take advantage of its most precious wealth and share them with others.

This is why we guard values such as care, mutually sharing our deepest emotions, respect, giving and relying on others’ support. We want them to bring joy today and tomorrow. So the next generations will enjoy them. It’s more than just tradition. It’s believing in the concept of a singular nature for the world, despite all of its differences.

We believe that only together we can create and look after the environment around us for future generations.


Company address and data

"Herbapol - Lublin" S. A.
25 Diamentowa Street, 20-471 Lublin, Poland
phone.+48 (81) 74 88 304
fax +48 (81) 74 39 670
e-mail: lublin@herbapol.com.pl


Trade and Marketing Office:
1 Klimczaka street, 02-979 Warsaw, Poland.
phone. (22) 5482310
e-mail: biurohm@herbapol.com.pl

More information: www.herbapol.com.pl/?lang=en

PPE_PL_Herbapol presentation 27-04-2016 .pdf